"Come and kick it with us!"

Martial arts is a great way to develop listening skills, respect and coordination. Our Little Tigers class is tailored to kids 4 – 7 years old.  This way the classes are conducted with drills and exercises appropriate for their age. Students are later test upon exercises learned in class as well as self-defense techniques. Classes are conducted in a 45 minute session twice a week and our third class is of one hour. Our Little Tigers learn to:  Solve problems, Follow directions, Take turns, Act respectfully, develop love for learning, develop speech and language, develop self-esteem, show self-control, promote physical strength, promote coordination and stamina, Increase their focus ability, encourage socialization, demonstrate responsibility, promote physical strength, develop a sense of independence, build fundamental motor skills, increase awareness of body and space. All our classes are conducted and supervised by Master Kikin Ucelo and his home grown black belts to assure quality training.     Master Kikin has developed through research a great motivational system tailored for the leaders of tomorrow. In Master Kikin's words " I love this class, little guys teach you so much."     Please contact our reception for more information and remember to schedule your evaluation / trial class now!! 

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